Maria Chlouveraki's webpage

Address: Laboratoire de Mathématiques UVSQ
Batiment Fermat
45 avenue des Etats-Unis
78035 Versailles cedex FRANCE
Tel.: (+33) 1 39 25 46 38

About me

I hold a position of Maitre de Conférences / Chaire CNRS at Université de Versailles - St Quentin. My research interests are: Representation theory of finite groups and algebras, Hecke algebras, Complex reflection groups, Lie theory, Decomposition maps, Cherednik algebras, Knot invariants.


All the programs presented here require the packages CHEVIE and VKCURVE. You can download here a version of GAP3, prepared by Jean Michel, which contains both packages. For up-to-date versions, you can visit Jean Michel's webpage.

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